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Using LuminarAI to enhance your fall colors

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Because there’s nothing that screams autumn more than deep oranges, here’s how to use LuminarAI and the upcoming Luminar Neo to enhance your fall colors!

Why LuminarAI?

The software offers amazing tools based on AI technology. This allows photographers to have a super efficient and creative workflow. And who says efficient also says less time in front of the computer … and more time out there doing what we love most. Sound like a good deal, doesn’t it? Let’s get started!

Make your fall colors pop with these tools

Here’s the example of a quick workflow. You can combine any of these tools (as shown) or use them by themselves for a more subtle result.

RAW picture before editing in LuminarAI.

EnhanceAI / AccentAI

THE go-to solution to start any great edit. Instantly corrects exposure, adds structure, contrast and saturation to a RAW (or JPEG) file.


Play with Red, Orange, Yellow and Green hue, luminance and saturation (HSL) to change or transform their intensity.


Add a complementary color (like a cyan or blue hue) to the shadows to create an artistic twist and eye-pleasing contrast.

Other tools you can benefit from

Although they’re not meant to enhance your fall colors, they could add the little “umph” that you’re looking for.

Portrait Bokeh AI

Great to automatically add depth of field to the background.

Face AI

Will take all your portraits to the next level in a matter of seconds.

Try these pro tips

Tip 1: Did you know that Golden Hour (from the Landscape panel) does wonders not only in golden hour shots, but to any photo! Try it out to add a warm and natural glow to your overall picture.

Tip 2: Enhance specific areas (without altering the rest of your photo) by using the masking tool. Paint the effect with a brush for a targeted impact.

See the difference

As you can see from the before/after slider right underneath, combining many subtle tools in LuminarAI can lead to a natural AND professional result!

Oh, and there’s even more. Save your edit as a Template and use it on other fall pictures to save even more time. They are adaptive (thanks to artificial intelligence) AND they can be modified at any point.

Curious to know more about LuminarAI? Have a look at this guide to learn more on its crazy technology!

Michèle Grenier

Michèle Grenier

Michèle Grenier is an independent photographer based in Quebec City, Canada. She specializes in high-performance and strength-related sports. Michèle is also an author, a Skylum Software and HoldFast ambassador, a speaker and educator.

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