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Mobile Mondays: Improve a smartphone photo in LuminarAI

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When you take hasty photos on your smartphone, sometimes the quality isn’t the best. But fear not — LuminarAI and the upcoming Luminar Neo can help!

Take your photo into LuminarAI and note the dozens of adjustment tools. While you can spend time exploring them on your own, I suggest seeing what the EnhanceAI, StructureAI, and Landscape tools can do for scenery or cityscapes. For tools like StructureAI, small adjustments can have a big impact.

One of the most compelling features of LuminarAI is the SkyAI creative tool. Choose from various cloud looks and apply to your scene. In most cases, the sky will be composited in properly along the skyline. Water and other elements will pick up the proper reflections. There are manual adjustments to fine tune this, but it usually does a great job on its own.

In the professional tools, find settings like Supercontrast and Color Harmony to help dial in the realism of the sky addition. Finally, back in the essential tools, finish off your photo with the Denoise options and the Details setting. This gives you the ability to set the sharpness of fine details, medium detail clarity and/or larger contours in the image.

If you want LuminarAI to get you off to an even better start, you can choose from a variety of templates. There are templates for almost any photo scene. You’ll still have full adjustments available with all the tools, but you can save time by getting to a better starting point.

Have fun exploring the many, many tools that can help take a blah photo to once you’ll share with everyone.

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Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford is a Florida-based digital strategist and video producer. His career has spanned the sports, news, and corporate realms, but his true passion is medical video production and digital marketing, where he is considered a leader in the industry. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, nature photography, and creating industry tutorials. He is an Adobe Certified Professional in Premiere Pro and After Effects and also a forum guru for CreativeCOW.

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