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LuminarAI adds sky reflections, Local Masking tool enhancements

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This morning, Skylum announced LuminarAI Update 2, which includes SkyAI water reflections, texture overlays in the Local Masking tool and more. The update is free to all current owners of LuminarAI. Its features will also be included in the upcoming Luminar Neo software.

Improved SkyAI with water reflections and more

One of the most anticipated features when LuminarAI was first announced was the ability to have water reflections when replacing skies in your images. With this much-anticipated update, that’s now possible. LuminarAI will automatically reflect your new sky in the body of the water, which conforms to the angle and depth of the scene without any additional work from you.

There are also new scene relighting tools, allowing you to eliminate strong color casts from the sky on foreground objects. Improvements to these tools provide discrete control over the amount and saturation of the relighting. Additionally, the new Relight Human control can dramatically improve environmental portraits by matching the people in your scene to the new sky, resulting in a more realistic effect.

Rotation and Horizontal Offset controls have been added, allowing new skies to be flipped, rotated and positioned for a perfect fit.

Finally, the SkyAI interface has gotten an upgrade. It now lets you select from a new visual browser, and also lets you add your own skies into the mix as well. Six new pre-installed skies have also been added.

Transformable Texture overlays

The Local Masking tool also sees an upgrade with Update 2, with the Texture tool now offering advanced controls to transform overlays.

PNG files with transparency are now supported, letting you add special effects to your photos, including watermarks, text, emoticons and other decorative elements. These new overlay elements can be easily moved, flipped, rotated, resized and placed. Blending modes and masks let you precisely control how the object interacts with the original image.

Once applied, an overlay can be synced across multiple images or saved in a custom template for future re-use.

Improved Templates experience

The Templates experience has been refined, with buttons to view your favorites, purchased Templates, legacy Templates and more.

Template Group previews are now uniform in size, making them more visually accessible. And finally, Templates purchased from the Luminar Marketplace are now automatically added to For This Photo, letting them be presented by LuminarAI when suggesting enhancements for your photos.

New camera support

LuminarAI Update 2 has added support for the following cameras:

  • Canon EOS R5, R6, 850D, EOS-1D X Mark III (lossy compressed files)
  • Fujifilm X-S10
  • Leica M10-R, S3, SL2-S
  • Nikon Z 5, Z 6 II, Z 7 II
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV
  • Panasonic DC-G100 / G110, DC-S5
  • Sony a7C, a7S III
  • Zeiss ZX1

Lossy compressed CR3 and lossy compressed RAF files are also supported.

To update your version of LuminarAI, chose LuminarAI > Check for updates on a Mac, or LuminarAI > Help > Check for Updates on Windows.

Save on LuminarAI add-ons

For a limited time, current Luminar customers can receive 40% off these special LuminarAI add-ons! Hurry; these offers end March 24, 2021. Be sure to enter the code PHOTOFOCUS to get additional savings!

  • Luminar X Membership: $59/year instead of $99/year
  • USA National Parks Skies: $17 instead of $29
  • Tropical Skies: $23 instead of $39
  • Northern European Skies: $23 instead of $39
  • Landscapes Template Pack: $11 instead of $19

Create more, with Luminar Neo

Fulfill your creative ideas with Luminar Neo! Preorder now and get the Photofocus preorder bundle, full of extras like a deep dive training video, templates, LUTs, textures and more when Luminar Neo launches.

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