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Get beautiful bokeh in seconds with this new LuminarAI update

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Today, Skylum released LuminarAI Update 4, which delivers the much-anticipated Portrait BokehAI along with other, useful, free features to help visual storytellers unlock their creativity. It’s available now as a free update for current LuminarAI customers.

Portrait BokehAI and these other features will also be available in Luminar Neo, available later this year.

Complete control of focus with Portrait BokehAI

Building on the company’s AI-guided depth mapping tools, Portrait BokehAI isolates the subject of a portrait from the background. It recognizes people in groups or in unusual positions or poses. With subjects isolated from the background, Portrait BokehAI blurs the background to emulate the rich, hazy bokeh of a high end lens at a wide open aperture.

Intelligent mask creation

Thanks to amazing artificial intelligence, LuminarAI can recognize people in a photo and can create the perfect mask to separate subjects from the background. The mask is generated automatically, but the artist can still refine and customize the mask to add or subtract focus to a photo.

Creative control

While the bokeh is automatically generated, it is entirely controlled by the artist with a single slider.

Any lighting, any lens

Traditionally, creamy bokeh could require expensive cameras and lenses coupled with complex lighting. No more. Portrait BokehAI works on any portrait.

Refined backgrounds

In addition to adjustable bokeh, artists can further refine the background using sliders to adjust the background exposure, add glow to highlights, set a specific depth of field and refine edges.

Stunning subjects

With the background made perfect, artists can use our AI-powered portrait tools — FaceAI, SkinAI and BodyAI — to really make subjects stand out in the frame.

Audition Textures with visual preview

Skylum has also improved Textures to help artists see how they might be used to achieve their creative vision. To understand how a Texture might fit your work in progress, you can now visually browse Textures just as you do with the SkyAI and Augmented SkyAI tools. Using custom Textures? They are now also accessible right within the dropdown grid. Artists can also load their own textures for reuse to build up a library of their favorites. 

Visual Horizon Control in SkyAI

Skylum has reimagined how replacement skies are aligned to the horizon in SkyAI. The Vertical Position, Horizontal Position and Horizon Blending sliders have been replaced with the Shifting Horizon Control, found in the Sky Orientation section. 

This single control allows the artist to better position a replacement sky in the frame to align it with the horizon and create a much more seamless and naturalistic final image.

Create more, with Luminar Neo

Fulfill your creative ideas with Luminar Neo! Preorder now and get the Photofocus preorder bundle, full of extras like a deep dive training video, templates, LUTs, textures and more when Luminar Neo launches.

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