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First look: Exploring LuminarAI Portrait Templates

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I just installed LuminarAI beta, a very early version of upcoming program. You can see some Portrait Templates in this video screencast, seeing how they integrate with the editing features.

Remember, this is an early look at a beta version!

It’s also important to bear in mind that this is an early beta version of LuminarAI. The templates are not final, and some of the effects have flaws. This also is not necessarily the final user interface. I am not kidding when I say that we are getting a very early first look. But I think that’s part of the fun and excitement!

Easy to use

If you’ve used Luminar 4 or earlier products, you know that their interface is already quite easy to use.  Indeed, many of the other editing functions of LuminarAI are so far identical to those who have been using Luminar 4.

About the LuminarAI screencast video

I was interested in how LuminarAI Portrait Templates work with the more traditional editing features. I believe the intent of LuminarAI is for you to begin with the Templates. If you feel more tweaking is necessary, then you simply head over to the editing panel.

The photo used was supplied by Skylum. The photographer is Marina Yurlovskaya.

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Ken Lee

Ken Lee

I am a night photographer. I drive long hours in a dusty car listening to weird music, stay out all night creating photos, get dirty, hang out with other creative sleep-deprived weirdos, see the stars drift across the sky and always find the best taco stands while photographing forgotten abandoned locales and amazing nightscapes. I have one book published with two more on the way, and my images have appeared in National Geographic Books, Omni magazine, Los Angeles Times, Westways magazine and numerous other publications.

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