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Bring detail to life with the StructureAI tool in LuminarAI

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The StructureAI tool is great for making detail more prominent in your images. It automatically detects areas that could look richer and focuses in on them. It helps to boost things like dynamic range, texture and clarity to help you bring a bit more depth and sharpness to your scene. And best of all, it doesn’t damage faces or skin.

Want to learn more about working in LuminarAI to create photo masterpieces? Nicole can teach you the ins and outs of using tools like SkyAI to replace the skies in your photos, StructureAI to enhance details and portrait tools that will make your subjects shine. Check out her course, The Complete Video Guide to LuminarAI, and you’ll get over five hours of video to help you get started!

Plus, you’ll get several start-to-finish examples including the original RAW files, and a printable PDF workbook to make it easy to follow along.

Create more, with Luminar Neo

Fulfill your creative ideas with Luminar Neo! Preorder now and get the Photofocus preorder bundle, full of extras like a deep dive training video, templates, LUTs, textures and more when Luminar Neo launches.

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