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Add depth and weather effects to your images with AtmosphereAI

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With LuminarAI officially announced for release this holiday season, we’re starting to get a first look at some of the features in the new program.


If you’ve ever wanted to add some depth into your scene, or cool atmospheric effects, LuminarAI can do just that with the new AtmosphereAI feature. With AtmosphereAI, you can add effects like fog, mist, haze, steam and drizzle.

Utilizing 3D depth mapping, AtmosphereAI knows how to add these effects with ease, sculpting the scene and changing the effect based on the perspective.

Where AtmosphereAI is useful

For someone who lives in cloudy Michigan, I’m pretty excited for this feature. While I’ve been able to change out the skies and add sunrays with Luminar 4, adding atmospheric effects takes this to a whole new level.

Maybe I don’t want to change my grey, cloudy skies, instead wanting to add some drizzle into the mix. I can easily do that now. Or if I’m traveling and up early, I can add some fog into my scene to help showcase that early morning look.

Personally I’m kind of excited to try AtmosphereAI to add some spooky haze and fog into some forrest scenes … creating a great look for next Halloween.

Whether you’re traveling or staying close to home, AtmosphereAI can help take your landscape photographs to the next level, giving them that extra punch and delivering some great effects along the way.

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Bryan Esler

Bryan Esler

Bryan is a photographer specializing in capturing corporate events, food/drink and advertising imagery. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, he has worked with clients such as CNBC, Michigan State University, ArtPrize, Grand Rapids Magazine and more. His work has also been featured by Delta Airlines, NBC, Microsoft and Pure Michigan. He also serves as a Fotopro tripod ambassador.

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