A quick look at LuminarAI Templates

Looking to add that little “special something” to your images that is yours alone? Templates can help you on your way.

LuminarAI Templates

LuminarAI comes equipped with Templates to get you started on your image workflow. With a couple clicks you can get a peek at how something might look with certain settings. It can do a lot of heavy lifting in your processing. Or, it can add a signature look to your images.

Tombstone, AZ image straight out of camera (SOOC)

Build your own

As mentioned, LuminarAI comes with pre-designed Templates. You can also buy collections designed by others. Or you can build your own.

When you open the LuminarAI Template interface, you’ll receive suggestions of where to start under the For This Photo heading. Any Templates you have built will be saved in the My Templates area.

Design your own Templates by going straight to the Edit module. This will give you access to many tools, including those with AI. Process your image.

When you find the style that works for you, click the three-dot icon at the bottom of the interface, and save the Template. It will have all the settings you used built in for instant access in the future.

When you go to open your next image, you can choose your Template. Each of those settings is applied to your image and you are done. The great thing here is that, if you have an AI tool as a part of your Template, it’ll recognize the contents of your image.

Conversely, you can turn down the opacity or adjust any of the individual settings while applying the Template to any image.

You will have access to all the tools when firing up your Template. Any settings that are active in your Template are indicated by a grey marker.

Above I’ve shown the three settings that go into my “special something” Template. It is a little EnhanceAI, Vignette and a touch of Mystical Glow.

In my opinion, a little adjustment goes a long way. Keep in mind all settings can be tweaked after invoking a Template, and you can adjust the opacity of the overall adjustments by using the slider under your Template name.

Here’s my final image I used in an article about southern Arizona, with the Template invoked to make the image sing just a bit.

Build a bunch

If you make lots of different types of photos and would like a starting point of your own for processing, make more Templates. Consider using one for each genre of work. Name them so you have an idea of what they will be doing at a glance. Then you can click and go. Templates can also be shared with others, too, so have at it — it’s fun, too!

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob

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